Williams\Dame & Associates (Williams\Dame) has made a name for itself as a highly effective and visionary urban development team, led by its two principals, Homer Williams and Dike Dame. The firm has specialized in working collaboratively with public and private partners on complex development projects and has earned accolades for the quality of the urban neighborhoods it has created. Williams\Dame works from the broader scale – urban neighborhood, waterfront development or larger land entitlement or development projects – all the way down to individual building projects and developments. Williams\Dame’s most significant projects – Portland’s Pearl and South Waterfront Districts and LA’s South Park neighborhood – demonstrate its proficiency in creating great urban places and working at all stages of the development process.

WDA’s management team


Homer Williams has been engaged in real estate development for more than forty years. He has been instrumental in the success of the Pearl District and South Waterfront redevelopment projects in Portland, Oregon, as well as numerous development projects in downtown Los Angeles, California. Over the past decade, Homer and his affiliated companies have developed over $2.5 billion worth of real estate. Homer’s unique skill sets include the ability to form instrumental public/private partnerships. This includes the South Waterfront Central District partnership between North Macadam Investors, Oregon Health & Science University, and the City of Portland, which has led to the largest urban development in Oregon’s history. He sits on the boards of the River District Steering Committee, as well as Special Olympics of Oregon and Construction Apprenticeship & Workforce Solutions (CAWS). Homer was born in Walla Walla, Washington and raised in La Grande and Portland, Oregon.


President of Williams\Dame & Associates, Dike has been at the forefront of real estate financing and development for more than forty years, having worked with business partner Homer Williams for over twenty of those years. At Williams\Dame, Dike plans, organizes, leads, and controls the company’s activities. He has been responsible for negotiating complex development agreements with multiple public entities and formulating multifaceted financial structures. Dike is on the Advisory Board of Portland State University’s School of Urban Affairs and Planning, and Vice Chairman of a Project Apprentice Committee that promotes union apprenticeships for women and ethnic minorities. Dike also serves on the Board of Portland State University’s First Stop Portland program, which he and PSU founded.

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