Bartra are a development group focused on the delivery and operation of high quality property solutions across all sectors of the market in Ireland, and internationally, including social and affordable housing, commercial real estate, residential homes, nursing homes, shared living, tourism and renewable energy.

Bartra has a multi-disciplinary team of thirty-five people in Dublin with over €2 billion of property at various stages of development. The six members of Bartra’s senior management team have over two hundred years of experience in property in Ireland and internationally. Bartra also has teams in sister companies operating out of four offices across the Middle East & Asia.

Bartra have all the skills inhouse needed to complete complex, multi-use and large-scale developments including legal, financing, construction, taxation, and planning. Bartra’s expertise also extends to the operational skills required for nursing homes, social housing, tourism, and shared living from the clinical care aspects to property management, marketing, and day to day operations.

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