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Despite predictions that the pandemic would cause a decline in international students, the United Kingdom is set for a record increase. Interestingly, enrolments from non-EU international students went up 9 per cent this academic year. According to Jimmy Beale, the founder of The English Education, a placement consultancy that advises international parents about independent schools in the UK, Chinese students make up much of the international student body in Britain. A Chinese education agency survey also found that the UK surpassed the US as a destination of choice for students due to growing tensions between China and the US.

Beale, whose clients are often admitted to top tier institutions like Westminster and Harrow, says that all international boarding pupils who do not have UK passports require a Tier 4 Student Visa. Although the process is simple for students, parents had difficulties visiting their children as embassies in certain countries were closed.

“If you are a St Kitts and Nevis citizen, the process of sending your child abroad for schooling is much simpler,” says Natasha Jones, a legal assistant at CS Global Partners. “You are exempt from requirements to prove knowledge of the English language, you do not need to have a tuberculosis test if you reside in St Kitts and Nevis, and you are exempt from the requirement to self-isolate for 14 days upon arrival in the UK if you have spent the last 14 days in St Kitts and Nevis. Family members [with St Kitts and Nevis citizenship] can also easily visit their children who are studying in the UK because of their visa-free access,” she added.

Jones also highlighted St Kitts and Nevis’ status as a Commonwealth country and the benefit that it brings. “In the UK, Commonwealth citizens are eligible for various scholarships for master’s degrees and PhD courses which often cover tuition fees, living allowance, and travel,” she said.

The fastest and easiest way to attain St Kitts and Nevis citizenship is through the Citizenship by Investment Programme. Once vetted, investors can contribute to the Sustainable Growth Fund and receive citizenship. Along with the advantages of education and travel, citizenship can also be passed down. For a limited time, families of up to four can invest $150,000 and brighten their child’s path to high-quality education.

Source: CS Global Partners


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