The Caribbean has long been a world-famous tourist destination. For generations, tourists and investors see this tropical archipelago as a paradise on earth – a place where many cultures meet.

Although there are many immigration by investment  programs around the world with varying degrees of investment and residency, the International Citizenship Commission – is made up of foreign residents, specifically appreciates the opportunities for investors via Caribbean citizenship programs.

The Caribbean’s Citizenship by Investment is one of the most unique investment programs in the world. Qualifying candidate has the ability to directly invest in civilized real estate for at least 90 days. This is a very special and suitable opportunity for those who do not need to settle down immediately with their family.

Dominica CBI Programme

Established in 1993, Dominica’s Citizen by Investment Programme is one of the fastest, longest-running and most affordable CBI schemes in the world. Dominican citizenship can be obtained in exchange for a significant financial investment in the country’s infrastructure.

Grenada CBI Programme

The Citizenship by Investment Programme came into being in August 2013, when the Grenadian Parliament passed Act No. 15 of 2013, otherwise referred to as the ‘Grenada Citizenship by Investment Act, 2013.’ The stated objective of the Act is to “enable persons to acquire permanent residence and citizenship of Grenada by registration following investment in Grenada.”

St. Kitts & Nevis CBI Programme

In 1984, Saint Kitts & Nevis introduced an Immigrant investor program, As of March 2015, Saint Kitts and Nevis is the most popular place to buy a passport; for $150,000 a family of four buy visa-free travel to 132 countries, with no requirement to live in or even visit the country.

St. Lucia CBI Programme

The Saint Lucia Citizenship by Investment Program was launched in 2015, enabling foreign investors and families to acquire a second passport in just 3–4 months with visa-free access to over 132 countries worldwide. With various air links and direct flights, Saint Lucia is very well connected with Europe and other parts of the world.

Antigua & Barbuda CBI Programme

Established in 2012, the Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship Program offers quick and straightforward routes to acquiring a second passport in just 3–4 months with visa-free access to over 140 countries worldwide. With a secure process in place, investors will be required to complete the investments only after receiving citizenship application approval.

Vanuatu CBI Programme

The Vanuatu Citizenship by Investment program was launched in 2017 and is the only program in the South Pacific. Also known as the Vanuatu Citizenship Development Support Program (DSP), it is the fastest route to alternative citizenship-by-investment acquisition. For a minimum investment of $130,000 into a local development fund you receive your passport within a month of applying, enabling visa-free travel to over 129 countries, including the EU and the UK, Singapore and many other strategically valuable destinations.


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